Ivy Ridge Assisted Living

  • Ivy Ridge Main Entrance

    Resident’s dreams of a secure, comfortable, safe and relaxing retirement lifestyle are centered around the Main House where they receive 21st-century care in the the charm of an old world environment.

  • Ivy Ridge Annex Building

    Annex Building Residents enjoy the bed-and-breakfast atmosphere of the Annex. The Annex has sixteen bedrooms, some of which may be shared

  • Ivy Ridge Living Room

    Living Room Residents and their family and guests enjoy music and other entertainment in the main living room. here they can also read, watch their favorite television show, have conversation with other residents or friends, or just relax. The main living room is also the center for many group activities.

  • Ivy Ridge Main Dining Room

    Main Dining Room Residents and guests enjoy delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals and socialization in the main dining room. Two other dining rooms at the facility provide alternative dining experiences.

  • Ivy Ridge Annex Bedroom

    Annex Bedroom Residents enjoy quiet time and relaxation in one of many of the spacious bedroom. Accommodations range from semi-private to private rooms with private baths. All rooms have large, sunny windows so residents can bask in the warm sunshine and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Ivy Ridge Terrace Bedroom

    Terrace Bedroom Guests enjoy camaraderie and socialization in the bed-and-breakfast atmosphere of the Terrace. The terrace offers sixteen rooms, some of which may be shared.

  • Ivy Ridge Courtyard

    Residents enjoy the lush flowers and vegetation that are found in the serene courtyard and can participate in the planting and gardening if they wish. Here they can enjoy time outside while remaining within the security of the facility. The courtyard is the scene of frequent barbecues, entertainment and resident activities